We believe in Blockchain.  We believe that we are at a global inflection point, marking a fundamental shift in the way we interact with and think about the world.  Inflection Point Blockchain Advisors, LLC is here to help you to navigate the emerging blockchain and crypto space.


About Inflection Point Blockchain Advisors, LLC:

Inflection Point Blockchain Advisors, LLC is a boutique strategy consulting and advisory firm based in New York City.  Our goal is to provide premier consulting and advisory services to businesses, institutions and individuals in the blockchain, smart contracts and digital token spaces.

We strive to connect companies and individuals with the resources that they need to enable them to succeed, wherever it may be found.  We are selective when it comes to accepting engagements, so that we truly can focus on and understand the strategic and other business needs of our clients.

Inflection Point Blockchain Advisors, LLC was established in 2018 by Joshua Ashley Klayman, who previously co-founded, and for over two years led, a prominent global law firm's Blockchain + Smart Contracts Group, which included well over 70 lawyers.

You have had your "aha!" moment.  Let Inflection Point Blockchain Advisors, LLC be your guide.

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***Please note that no client relationship is formed merely by contacting Inflection Point Blockchain Advisors, LLC. Information about our policies, terms of use and disclaimers is available at the bottom of our website.